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You can't afford NOT to buy from the best.

Does it really  matter which vendor you use?  


Brenlo's customers think so!  Consider these factors...


  • Does the vendor truly understand your requirements and are they able to recommend the right products?
  • Does the vendor have the products you want readily available so that your project won’t be delayed?
  • Will your trades have to spend additional hours sanding inadequately finished trim components or replacing warped items which should never have been allowed to leave the supplier's warehouse?
  • Will you get the right products delivered to your jobsite on the day they are promised? Or, will you be on the phone trying to chase down anyone who can explain why your order was late, why you're 30 linear feet short of one casing and looking at 50 linear feet of baseboards you didn’t order?


At Brenlo, we understand the business of building. We know timelines are tight and that tradesmen don’t appreciate having to wait for materials to finish their work. We know the extra time that’s required when imperfections in materials have to be addressed at the jobsite or when defective products have to be returned to suppliers. We know that designs and specs can change, that margins are tight and that there is little to no room for errors. We know that customers can change their minds at the last minute.

Brenlo has a relentless focus on ensuring the best possible experience for our customers by:

  • listening to your needs

  • employing experienced, thoroughly-trained, consultative service representatives to assist you in selecting the right type and quantity of products

  • providing the lowest total cost of installation as a result of maintaining the highest standards of product quality, thereby reducing returns

  • meeting commitments for timely delivery of our products, and

  • being fully accountable whenever something is not delivered exactly as promised


Many vendors talk about quality, but, for Brenlo,


quality is not an’s a habit.


That’s why so many leading architects, designers and builders stake their reputations by specifying that Brenlo products be used on their projects. And, that’s why those architects, designers and builders as well as discerning homeowners who have done their research demand Brenlo for their own homes. When you choose Brenlo as the supplier for your doors, mouldings and sheet goods, you can rest assured with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re buying from a solid, stable, professionally run and profitable organization founded on an unwavering commitment to superior quality products and services.




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