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Welcome Designers and Architects

As discerning architects and designers, you recognize and appreciate the difference that high quality mouldings and doors can make in transforming a room or an entire home from being merely nice to truly extraordinary.  The unsurpassed quality of our wood products and the unique designs together are key elements of what distinguishes Brenlo from other companies supplying mouldings and doors. 

Designers and Architects who spec Brenlo products quickly earn and maintain the respect of the industry’s leading builders who appreciate the difference that Brenlo’s quality makes towards reducing time, costs and call backs on the jobsite.  Not to mention the customer response and reputation that comes with supplying only the best.  

But, The Brenlo Difference is about much more than just superior quality products.  It’s also about outstanding service.  Brenlo has a professional staff member dedicated exclusively to working with Designers and Architects to understand their project requirements, to help them understand Brenlo’s extensive product line and to consult and make recommendations towards ensuring that the right Brenlo products are spec’d for each project. 

When one of Brenlo’s 300+ stock products won’t suffice, Brenlo’s custom manufacturing team can quickly deliver innovative, state-of-the art, quality solutions, from custom moulding profiles to arches and curved crowns and casings and virtually anything else that can be made from wood.

To find out more about the value that Brenlo provides to architects and designers, contact our Architect and Designer rep at [email protected]     

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